Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Review: Invincible Summer - Hannah Moskowitz

I received Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz from the Simon & Schuster Galley Grab Program.

Noah’s happier than I’ve seen him in months. So I’d be an awful brother to get in the way of that. It’s not like I have some relationship with Melinda. It was just a kiss. Am I going to ruin Noah’s happiness because of a kiss?

Across four sun-kissed, drama-drenched summers at his family’s beach house, Chase is falling in love, falling in lust, and trying to keep his life from falling apart. But some girls are addictive....

Going by the description above I really did not think I was going to like this book as much as I did. I am not a huge fan of love triangles and that is what I thought I was going to get. However I think the description of this book is quite misleading, you get the idea that it's going to be a book about a boy who falls in love with his brothers girlfriend but really it's not. Sure it does have that element to it but it so much more than that. It's a book about family and the summers that can change everything. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me wish I had siblings like those featured in this book.

Honestly they were all so great. We had Noah the older brother who just seemed to want to run away, Claudia the little sister who was way to grown up for her age, Gideon the deaf little brother who everything revolves around, newbaby who's birth everybody is waiting for and last but not least our main character Chase who tries to keep everything together all by himself. Each character so well written and each one so important in this family. The parents seemed so selfish somehow relying on these kids to bring each other up. But they had each other and that was enough.

I didn't see the big event at the end of the book coming I didn't even feel the impeding doom I usually do when I know something bad is going to happen. It made it that much more powerful. And the consequences for this family were devastating. The book covers four summers and with each summer you get the real sense that these kids were growing up and I loved that. Time passing, things changing and the ending was so bittersweet.

I will definitely be getting a copy of this book for my shelves so I can enjoy it all over again and I look forward to Hannah Moskowitz's next novel.

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  1. I really really want to read Gone, Gone, Gone by her! I'm dying for it!

  2. Invincible summer sounds like a good read, one that will probably make me cry. Great review :)

  3. It sounds like an awesome summer read .. I so have to buy it !! =)