Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fatal Justice - Marie Force

This is the second book in Marie Force’s Fatal series. It follows Lieutenant Samantha Holland and Senator Nick Cappuano, their jobs, their friends and family and their relationship. Be warned there will be spoilers from the first book in this review.

Fatal Justice carries on from where the last book left off, so it’s probably a good idea to read the first book, Fatal Affair, before this one. Nick is now Senator taking on the role after his best friend, John O’Connor, the previous Senator was murdered and Sam has been promoted to Lieutenant. While not living together they are in a serious relationship and are trying to navigate all the complications that come with that. Nick is adjusting to being a Senator and Sam is juggling several difficult cases She has a murdered supreme court nominee who happens to be a friend of Nick and the O’Connor’s. And closer to home she has a murdered family that could be connected to the shooting of her father that took place several years ago.

There were many different story lines running through this book and apart from a few scenes involving different couples relationships it seemed to have one action sequence after the other. Which on one hand seemed a little over the top but on the other hand kept me reading so much that I finished it in one night.

We also got a little more focus on the secondary characters as they all interact with each other, which is what I hoped would happen after reading the first book. However it all seems a little fast as the book only covers a few days time wise and the developments in the relationships are going 100 miles an hour.

The murder mystery element was a little intense and far fetched but again I didn’t see the identity of the murderer until Sam figured it out in end so maybe far fetched is a good thing. The book involves several of Americas big political issues, namely abortion and homosexuality which adds an interesting twist. And the book did make me laugh out loud a few times with the absurdity of some of the situations the characters find themselves, but it didn’t pull me out of the story so I guess it works.

Overall I really liked this book. Not as much as I liked the first but it was very entertaining. I am definitely going to read the next books in this series when they come out later in the year.

Side note. I am currently reading White Cat by Holly Black and loving it. Review coming soon.

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