Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fatal Affair - Marie Force

I discovered Marie Force through a recommendation on amazon.com, I liked the sound of her books so I decided to download several of them on to my kindle. This is the second Marie Force novel that I have read, the first being Line of Scrimmage, which I read at the end of last year. The first book Line of Scrimmage was a straight contemporary romance where as Fatal Affair is the start of a new romantic suspense series.

Fatal Affair’s main character is Detective Sergeant Samantha Holland. Sam is assigned a case involving a murdered State Senator, John O‘Connor. Sam’s recent history with the metro police has not been good, she was involved in a shoot out that resulted in the death of a child so her career is now riding on this very high profile case. To complicate things even further Sam has a history with the murdered Senators Chief of Staff and best friend, Nick Cappuano. So while Sam and Nick try to solve the murder they also have to navigate the idea of starting a new relationship at the worst possible time.

I loved this book, it was fast, thrilling and pure escapism. Marie Force has managed to write the perfect balance of mystery and romance. There were lots of unexpected twists that I didn’t see coming. I can usually figure out who the murderer is but I didn’t in this book, there were way to many potential suspects.

Sam and Nick were both well written, well rounded characters and I like the fact that they have a previous history together. It made the story easier to get into and made me more invested in their relationship because it was obvious from the start that they had very good chemistry. I like the other characters in the book especially Sam’s partner Freddie and the Senator’s deputy chief of staff Christina. I hope the secondary characters story lines are developed in further books in this series. Another thing I really liked was the fact that the book was set in Washington DC, the political angle was very interesting, it makes me want to read more books that have this kind of setting.

I have already started the next book in the series, Fatal Justice, which is a continuation of Sam and Nick’s story. This series reminds me of one my all time favourite series the In Death books by J.D. Robb’s which also have the same main characters through out. If the Fatal series is even half as good as the In Death series I will be very happy.

I have just had a look at Marie Force’s website and it looks like she has another three books coming out in this series, two for later in the year and one early next year. Yay!

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