Thursday, 3 February 2011

One Month Blogaversery!

Yes, yes I know it's only been a month but for me this is big!

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog last year and even registered the name and everything but I just didn't do it. New year rolled around and I thought why not. One night I just put out my first post it was that simple and easy. Well that was a month ago and I now realise that it takes a bit more work than I first thought, I used to spend all my spare time reading and now I spend all my spare time reading, reviewing and posting on this blog.

Honestly I thought I would get bored and give up and while I don't like not being able to read all the time as I do have to write on here sometimes, I have to admit I love having this blog. Books are my favourite thing and I love to share.

Anyway thanks to the lovely people who follow my blog and to all the people who have left me comments this past month. When I put out my first post I was really just doing this for me, I felt like I should keep better track of what I was reading and I just wanted a place to write down my thoughts I honestly didn't think anyone would read them. So I really appreciate everyone being so welcoming to a new blogger. And thank you to all the excellent book bloggers out there, whose blogs I love to read and get book recommendations from.

So yay me for my one month blogaversey - here's to the next month.

That's all for now.


  1. Happy 1-month Blogniversary, Sally! :)

    That's the most difficult, I think, finding the balance between the reading, the blogging and the real life.... and it's always changing ^_^;

    However, I know what you mean. I wouldn't be able to stop blogging now... just because I love sharing my thoughts and my love :)

    So hoping you'll continue a long, long, long time :)

  2. happy one month blogoversary.

    keep reading and writing. It seems you dont find any difficulty in writing review. Me myself have to learn more in arranging my words. Since English is not my mother language